19 June 2023

On Saturday 10th June, the Auckland Cranes team gathered together to celebrate a momentous occasion – their years of service milestones. From three years to an outstanding 50 years, the event was filled with joy and appreciation for the dedication shown by our remarkable staff.

Leading the ceremony, Group CEO, Oliver Martin and General Manager, Shane Fraser took to the stage to present the well-deserved awards to each team member.  It was a proud moment for the entire organisation, as we recognised the hard work and commitment that our team members have demonstrated over the years. We extend a heartfelt congratulations to all those who received their service milestones this year.

During the celebration, Shane Fraser expressed his gratitude, acknowledging the significance of this recognition.

“A big thanks to the Smith Family and the Smithbridge Group for not only recognising the team professionally but also acknowledging their partners.  In our industry, it’s important to thank our friends and family for their unwavering support. These events not only strengthen our group as a whole but also highlight what it truly means to be part of a family business.

As I looked around one table later in the evening, I was struck by the realisation that there was over 100 years of combined service among just three individuals—an extraordinary accomplishment!”

While honouring the entire team is important, we wanted to shout out to our longest standing employee, Ron Graham, who achieved an incredible milestone this year completing 50 years of service. It is inspiring to have individuals like Ron in the team, who has witnessed the growth and evolution of the business, being part of the team before Albert and Shayne acquired shares and then ultimately full ownership.

As a family business, we place great emphasis on the service, dedication and commitment of our team members. Over time, strong relationships have been built, intertwining work lives with personal lives. We share in the joys of the good times and offer support through the hard times. Each team member has a unique story to tell.

As we celebrate these remarkable milestones, we eagerly look forward to the continued growth and success of our Auckland Cranes team. It is their commitment and dedication that has propelled us forward, and we remain grateful for their invaluable contributions.