In a monumental move that marks a significant milestone in its history, Auckland Cranes is thrilled to announce its transformation into Universal Cranes, effective December 1st. This rebranding initiative reflects the company’s commitment to growth and innovation in crane and lifting services

December 1st will not only be a date on the calendar but a symbolic shift into a new era for the company. The decision to rebrand to Universal Cranes stems from a strategic vision to broaden the company’s scope and better serve its clients throughout New Zealand.

With over 40 years of operations Auckland and Waikato Cranes is part of the Smithbridge Group. Together with its sister company, Universal Cranes in Australia, they have access to the Group’s combined expertise, resources, and fleet capacity.

The choice of the name “Universal Cranes” signifies the company’s dedication to providing comprehensive lifting solutions across a diverse range of projects. From major infrastructure projects through to pick and carry works, Universal Cranes aims to be the universal answer to a myriad of lifting challenges.

While the name is changing, the core values that have defined Auckland Cranes will persist under the Universal Cranes banner. Clients can expect the same unwavering commitment to delivering any lift, anywhere, any time that has been the hallmark of the company. This is supported by Universal Cranes’ unique offering as the only ISO9001 and ISO45001 certified crane hire company in New Zealand.

With this rebranding, Universal Cranes will unveil a refreshed visual identity, including a new logo that encapsulates the essence of the company’s evolution. Additionally, clients can look forward to the introduction of new services and innovative solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry.

Dashelle Bailey (Group Manager – Strategy & Growth) expressed excitement about the rebranding, stating, “Becoming Universal Cranes is a pivotal moment for our company. It reflects our dedication to New Zealand industry, positioning the company to provide services across a more diverse geography and deeper fleet capacity and capability.”

As Auckland Cranes transitions into Universal Cranes, the company invites clients, partners, and industry stakeholders to stay connected through its website and social media platforms. Regular updates, insights, and announcements about the transformation and new offerings will be shared, fostering a continued sense of community.

For any further information about Universal Cranes, please contact:

enquiries@universalcranes.co.nz or universalcranes.co.nz