28 September 2022

On Saturday 9th September we celebrated our Auckland Cranes team and their years of service milestones. Ranging from three years to 49 years, the event was a joyous occasion.

Albert Smith, Group Managing Director,  former Director Tony Gibson, Group CEO Ollie Martin and General Manager Shane Fraser together presented the awards the team members  Congratulations to all our team members who were awarded their service milestones this year.

We wanted to shout-out to two of our longest standing employees:

37 years – Kerry Neil

49 years – Ron Graham

Both Kerry and Ron were part of the team before Smithbridge Group acquired Auckland Cranes, so it was wonderful to recognise such long standing, loyal employees.

Tony describes Ron as the “GOAT (greatest of all time) in the crane industry and legend in his own right”. We can’t wait to celebrate his 50 year milestone next year.

Earlier this year Smithbridge Group launched the years of service program across the Group.

As a family business, we wanted to celebrate the service, dedication and commitment of our team members. Over the long term we have built relationships and every person has a unique story and set of experiences. Work lives and personal lives become intertwined, we share joy in the good times and offer support through the hard times.

By acknowledging the achievements, service and stories of our team, we demonstrate appreciation and respect for their time, energy and engagement in their roles.