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Greig Running House Relocators

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St Paul’s cricket pavilion relocation

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Lift and relocate the existing building

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Equipment Used
  • Grove GMK 3055
  • Grove GMK 4100
  • Grove GMK 5130


In February 2011, Waikato Cranes was contracted by Greig Running House Relocators to lift and shift the St Paul’s Collegiate School cricket pavilion in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Contracted by Livingstone Construction, Greig Running House Relocators prepared the building with six beams under it and Waikato Cranes supplied the five spreaders, four chain blocks, and rigging for the lift.

The scope was to lift the existing building from ground level onto a basement that had been built beside it.

Equipment included a Grove GMK 3055 with 11.6 c/w and Grove GMK 4100 with 6.3t c/w at one end taking 25% of the load each; and a Grove GMK 5130 with 40.1t c/w at the other end.

Once the building was in position and unhooked, it was jacked up to remove the beams and then lowered into position.

St Paul’s has a long and proud cricketing history boasting some of the best pitches in the country. We were proud to play a part in the upgrade contributing to the continued enjoyment of the game and development of the players.

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